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You’ve Never Used Your Lipstick to Do THIS: Hacks Hollywood’s Makeup Artists Are Keeping Undercover

If you haven’t already heard, the future of the beauty industry is bright- and by that, I mean clean and green. The clean beauty movement (a push for eco-friendly products free from toxins and other harmful ingredients) continues to gain traction, and brands like Dosy7 Cosmetics spearhead the charge. And when you carefully research and select only the most skin-loving, premium ingredients and combine those with the season’s hottest, most wearable color trends, good things happen.

In short, things like features in @VOGUE magazine, spotlights in a celebrity makeup artist curated clean beauty box @cleanbeautykit, and attention from clean beauty bloggers who absolutely fall in love with the products (holla!).

If you haven’t yet found that perfect Fall color, don’t panic, because Dosy7 Cosmetics delivers, I guarantee. And if you have not yet heard of this clean beauty brand, I guarantee you will- VOGUE magazine stopped to take notice; with September’s British VOGUE issue featuring what happens to be my very favorite Organic Lipstick shade, Coco Spice (you can purchase it HERE!); bragging on its silky smooth application, long wearing formulation, and cruelty-free, women empowering brand made here in the USA.

I frequently make this disclaimer; if you know me, I’m a bit of a nerd. I may have gone to school for a biology degree before all else; and my life charades also led to a stint working closely with some of the world’s best aestheticians and clinical dermatologists at the Cleveland Clinic. The differentiating factor for the clean beauty industry-- what makes it so special-- is the ingredients.

This is also the battlecry, as largely, most of the beauty industry suffers from poor regulation. In fact, the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act remained for the most part unchanged since first passed way back in 1938-- rising health concerns forced a second look and a Cosmetic Safety Enhancement Act (H.R. 5279) entered the floor in 2019 (it’s been forwarded to full committee but as you can imagine, coronavirus has profoundly slowed all things this year).

If you can believe it, current federal law requires no cosmetic ingredients aside from color additives to have FDA approval.

Which begs the question- what are you putting on your lips (and ingesting)?

This is (one of the reasons) I love Dosy7 Cosmetics.

Let me share the superstar ingredients in Dosy7’s lip line:

  • Coconut Oil: This oil has been praised widely across the beauty world, but let’s take a closer look at the science of why, and what makes this natural ingredient a nourishing choice to deliver lip color. Coconut oil is a highly saturated fat (almost 90% saturated fat) typically extracted from raw coconuts or dried kernels. It is rich in omega fatty acids, specifically medium chain fatty acids. Why is this a big deal for skin, specifically, your lips? Well, sometimes we forget that our lips are skin, too- and a primary entry barrier to direct ingestion. Multiple studies have shown these fatty acids to possess both antibacterial and even anti-fungal properties. More obviously, coconut oil is an emollient- meaning it helps lock in moisture and prevent that pout from drying out.

  • Hemp Seed Oil: Before we get into the benefits of this one, let’s make a differentiation here; hemp seed oil is harvested from cold-pressing hemp seeds. Hemp oil, a cannabidiol (CBD) oil, utilizes flowers and or leaves from the plant. Hemp seed oil contains none of the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) component, in case you were wondering. What does hemp seed oil contain? Lots of goodness- specifically, it’s high in omega acids 3, 6, and 9. This trio has anti-inflammatory properties for the skin, promote and even help repair healthy skin barrier function, and both seal in moisture and help draw it into the skin. This is an important differentiation: moisturizer versus humectant. A moisturizer works by sealing in moisture; think of preventing loss of what’s already there. A humectant works by actively drawing moisture into the skin. For dry fall and winter months especially, this is essential for healthy, hydrated skin.

  • Almond Oil: For centuries, ancient cultures used almond oil for skin rejuvenation and scar treatment. We seem to be several hundreds of years late to the party on this one. Sweet almond oil is rich in many of the fatty acids we mentioned earlier, as well as vitamins A and E, antioxidant champions of skin anti-aging and free radical, oxidative, environmental stress.

  • Cocoa: As if we need more reasons to love chocolate’s bestie, cocoa powder. Cocoa is packed with skin loving goodness- vitamins C and E, magnesium, minerals, omega-6 fatty acids-- if you’ve been taking notes, then you know that cocoa also helps with skin protection, anti-aging, and rejuvenation. I’m already in line for seconds, please.

Okay- so with all of the skin loving goodness in these ingredients, kind of leaves you wanting to smear the lush, silky goodness all over your skin to really reap all of the luxurious benefits, doesn’t it?!

Well, that’s exactly what I did (um, sort of) to create the look you see pictured here for #Dosy7, and if you are wondering what I mean and where I learned this (brilliant) madness, it’s actually a tip I picked up from a friend and celebrity makeup artist. I know Covid-19 has had us a little down masking over our pouts, but it's no reason to stop using your lipstick, my friends! In fact, I would argue that the use of a lipstick as a blush is much more mask friendly than the use of your traditional powders. And we are going to get edgy and use Dosy7's Coco Spice not just for lip and cheek, but eyes as well.

Nothing is easier and results in a more polished look than using a single tube of lipstick, a single color, for lips, cheeks, and eyes:

Pro tips:

  • For this look, I did not even use a lip liner, although in most instances for staying power I would absolutely recommend using one (and there are NONE better than Dosy7 lip pencils, enriched with sunflower seed oil and coconut oil, priced at just $12 a piece! They come in seven shades and you can purchase them here). Sometimes I will use a lip brush for lip color application, but Dosy7 Organic Lipsticks glide on like such a dream that I usually do not even bother.

  • If you really want your lip color to stay- apply and blot, and then apply again (you can even repeat a third time). I did my blot here a little differently- with my index and middle finger, and patted onto my cheekbones.

    • You can also simply apply straight from lipstick to fingers to cheeks (I feel like all this goes without being said but I should still mention- make sure hands are washed, clean and dry before any of this!)- swipe your lipstick across your index and middle finger. Apply to the apples of your cheeks and tap along up the cheekbone. You can blend in with your fingers, a kabuki brush (personal favorite), or clean makeup sponge.

  • I did another lip color application, blotted with my index finger, and very gently patted onto my upper lids. Then I simply took my eyeshadow brush (and whatever color was left on there to be honest!) and buffed the color upward a little from the lid to the crease. If you want to get fancy and add more eye colors, using a lipstick as your base cream shadow color also doubles as a fantastic primer.

  • You could also use an eyeliner brush and apply lipstick this way to your eyes; smudge, blend out, create whatever look you would like! Be creative.

  • An important (please read!) note on using lipstick around the eye area: I blog specifically about clean beauty, and here I am of course referring super-specifically to Dosy7 Cosmetics Organic Lipsticks. Please, please do not pick up a random lipstick from your drawer, the drugstore (or even a high end brand, just because it was “expensive” does not mean it is hypoallergenic or nontoxic) and smear it around your delicate eye area. Remember what we talked about earlier- current federal law requires no cosmetic ingredients aside from color additives to have FDA approval. Please do not put potentially toxic, allergenic mystery ingredients around this thin skin (and really, would you want to ingest the stuff with it on your lips either?!) Many lip products with any sort of pink, red, or orange tint contain an ingredient called carmine which in particular can be very allergenic (and stain your skin).

If you create a look with @dosy7cosmetics lipstick, we would love to see it! Be sure to tag @dosy7cosmetics and #dosy7llcliveyourbest to be featured and be sure to tag me @ruth_lynette_ for a chance to be featured in my stories, as well! We would LOVE to hear how you fall in love with this brand!

And because we love you-- right now you can purchase any TWO classic lipsticks at Dosy7 and get ONE Lip Fix FREE with code LIPFIXFREE - While Supplies Last! DOSY7.COM

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