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As Seen In Vogue— As Worn By You

This just in— @britishvogue November’s “Best of Beauty“ spotlights my favorite “Live Your Best Liquid Stay Lipstick” by @dosy7 cosmetics. I’ve had so much fun working with this incredible #cleanbeauty brand and watching the growth-

Multiple Vogue features now, all four trademark applications now officially registered, PETA cruelty-free certified with license logo in process, and you will see @dosy7 on premiere luxury fashion marketplace, who boasts top brands @saintlaurent , @gucci, and @valentino.

Above all, a brand culture that crafts its products ethically with love, gives back to the community, and speaks love, hope, inclusion, and living your best life.

So are you ready to give Dosy7 a spin, if you haven’t already?

Let’s face it- there’s a reason red pouts are both a go-to on the red carpet and spotted street style. Find the right hue, and a punchy red pout has an easy to wear, transformative effect.

There are a few rules.

I use the world “rules” loosely here- more like guidelines, common sense, because let’s face it- when it comes to the world of style, I’m all about you creating the rules, and brands like Dosy7 that empower women to live their fullest lives.

But if you do need some red lip guidance, that’s what I’m here for. It’s a universal, year-round color; but particularly suited to fall and winter months in my opinion. Let’s dive in though, shall we?

1.) Don’t be too cheeky: everything in moderation is a pretty good motto, and it holds well here, as well. Blush color matters less than the amount, in my opinion. If you want to wear pink with red, go for it! If you’re feeling bold and want to mix things up with an orange hue on the cheeks, be my guest! But remember your star is the lip with this look, your chees are just supporting cast. Go natural with the flush.

2.) K.I.S.S.: “keep it simple, stupid”- remember that silly algorithm? I’m teasing, but really- keep the eye makeup simple. Again, the lip is the bold statement.


3.) Think time of day: if you are going for a bold, nighttime look and want to be more daring, you could probably opt for a smoked out eye with the red lip (but maybe don’t walk into the office like this on a Monday morning)

4.) Anyone can wear red. Anyone- if you are new this look, choose a shade with your same skin underdone.

5.) Cohesive is a good word: matchy-matchy, not always—

Think whole outfit. Head to toe red, maybe not a smart choice.

Dark autumnal tones (or all black)- that’s probably a win.

Scared? Go sheer!

Here’s a trick- apply Dosy7 lip plump first, then take a deep red shade like Dosy7 Cosmetics Live Your Best Organic Lipgloss in Coco Plum and tap on a small amount, then smudge out for a more sheer, lip stained look. This is a good “intro” to wearing red and you can experiment and deepen the color with adding more or less gloss pigment.

If you’re ready to dive in-

Go Bouji! My favorite deep red for fall is Dosy7 Liquid Stay Lipstick in Bouji.

This incredible matte liquid lipstick applies smoothly like a dream, moisturizes rather than overdrives your lips with its enriching vitamin E formulation, and best of all- it wears all day and is completely kiss proof and mask transfer proof.

I am a huge fan of the matte look, but for extra drama, you can add a layer of gloss with Dosy7 lip plump.

What’s your favorite Dosy7 red? I’d love to hear- tag me and #dosy7llcliveyourbest !

Be sure to use code RUTHLYNETTE for 15% off your purchase at

(select products now also available on!)


*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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